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2013-05-31      - quagga downgrade to 0.99.17. Newer 0.99.18 has a 
                  bug that does not remove MAXAGE DB entries properly
                  and thus keeps routes from being installed.
2013-05-05      - gpsd: remove GARMIN Drivers, they did cause a SEGV 
                  during initialisation of gpsd
                - added stty to busybox
2013-01-02      - Enable WPA options in Web-GUI for 80211_ath5k driver
2012-08-05      - pkg hamnet: bcast improvement
2012-06-27      - build ddns (dynamic DNS updater) as optional module

2012-05-28      *** Release: backfire_10.03.1_HAMNET-R2.0a
                - "wext" support missing in hostapd, STA did not start.
                - faster beacon cycle (100msec)
                - new: regdomains,
                  X* regdomais do use passive scan (no active probe requests)
                  Y* regdomains still allow active probes.
                  Has been introduced to avoid STAs sending on other channels
                  than allowed when probing.

2012-05-12      *** Release: backfire_10.03.1_HAMNET-R2.0
2012-04-29      - added an "updates" folder to opkg config file. This allows
                  deploying updates to a released HAMNET build.
2012-04-15      - hamnet package: Link broadcast is limited to TTL=1
                  to avoid having it routed into "the Cloud" with some
                  setups (multiple subnets on same physical medium).
2012-04-14      - merging into OWRT backfire 10.03.1
                  Main benefits are a much newer 802.11 driver (more than 1 year
                  of improvememts) and an newer LuCI WEB GUI.
2012-04-08      - fixed erroneous start of multiple qosmon instances
                - introduced additional delay during wifi startup sequence
                  before starting hostapd. This did fail sometimes.
2012-04-07      - Busybox Makefile did not work with newer make (3.82?)
                  versions. (DL7RAY)
2012-04-05      - fixed broken symlink from /bin/tar -> /usr/bin/tar
2012-04-03      - modified busybox to truncate file before remove
                  (jffs2 can reclaim space that has been truncate()d
                  but not files that have been unlink()ed. The latter requires
                  a clean unmount/mount of the jffs2 partition -> ALIX reboot)
2012-04-02      - Moved SNMP persistence directory from /usr/lib to /var/lib
                  to avoid eating up JFFS2 space with the snmp-exec-cache.
                - resized rootfs partition to 256MB

2012-02-26      - *** Release: backfire_10.03_HAMNET-R1.2
2012-02-26      - AgentX SNMP PLugin for H4L related data.

2011-12-23      - added IPv6 iptables & kernel netfilter module
2011-11-27      - added ne2k_pci Eth driver (for qemu use)
2011-11-18      - WLAN Tuning helper (RX level): http:/admin/tune.php
2011-11-06      - enabled radvd (IPv6 Routing advertisement), build as module
2011-11-05      - enabled IPV6 options, rebuilt quagga with ospf6d enabled
                  To enable IPv6, edit /etc/sysctl.conf and remove the line
2011-10-09      - luci wifi config: HAM callsign to MAC is now configurable
                  in the WEB GUI
2011-06-06      - qosmon: truncate status file /tmp/
                  to eliminate trailing garbage characters.

2011-06-06      - *** Release: backfire_10.03_HAMNET-R1.1
2011-06-02      - SNMP does now provide link info for all installed
                  WLAN adapters (previously only wlan0)
2011-05-04      - remove "factory settings" from LuCI - too dangerous.
2011-04-21      - qos-scripts: added "qosmon" from gargoyle. qosmon
                  does adaptively adjust the upper bandwidth limit in
                  the QOS hfsc classes - this allows adaption to variable
                  bandwidth links (like WLAN with adaptive TX rates)
                - luci-app-qos does support the new "dynamic QOS" options.
2011-04-20      - qos-scripts: fixed error in halfduplex processing
2011-04-19      - luci-app-qos: requires interface names
                - adapted default QOS config
2011-04-08      - disable 'poweroff' and 'halt' commands - only allow reboot.
                  This should avoid accidental shutdown of the system...
2011-04-07      - better handling of setup if two WLAN NICs installed
2011-03-26      - included ethtool and bridge-utils packages
2011-02-06      - include kernel symbols - helpful in debugging kernel &
                  driver issues
2011-01-23      - fixed Network Interfaces page (no/wrong MACs, no traffic
                  counters shown)
                - by default enable STP on bridged ETH ports
2011-01-16      - added call2mac.lua script (encode HAMradio callsign in 
                  a MAC address) and adapted mac80211_ath5k to support it.
                  Uses the config option (interface) "callsign".
2011-01-12      - optimized kernel for Geode CPU
                - support Geode hardware watchdog
2011-01-11      - enabled PACKAGE_ip, needed for IPIP tunnels
                - save /etc/openvpn/ during sysupgrade
2011-01-03      - added entry to About LuCI with DG7GT & HB9XAR
                - removed "rdate" section from System->System (we use ntpd)
                - HAMNET WLAN settings: introduce drop-down lists for
                  some fields (ant-mode, channel-bw)
                - fixed list of available channels (did use "iwlist" which 
                  does cut of the list; using "iw info" now)
                - the BUSYBOX_TAR is shaky with directories (a directory
                  without trailing slash ends up as symlink in the TAR archive,
                  potentially causing problems when extracting (e.g. during
                  a system upgrade, as seem by me). Switching to external
                  GNU tar to a void these things.
                - include more details in list of active connections (such
                  as port numbers, conntrack state and conntrack timeout)
                - cleanup in wireless driver detection (force mac80211_ath5k)
2011-01-02      - merged Luci patches from DG7GT
                - keep BUSYBOX_HTTP and don't go for uhttpd (reason: keep PHP)
                  Newer (post OWRT 10.03 versions of uhttps seem to be able
                  to add interpreters to handle this.
                - minor changes in sysupgrade handling (use the existing hook
                  mechanism for backup of config files)
                - we use the luci-medium (lightweight expert-only)
                - exclude sda* in Luci Mount Points (dangerous) and also
                  modified the example /etc/config/fstab file to point elsewhere
                - disabled BUSYBOX_RDATE

2010-12-27      - *** first release: backfire_10.03_HAMNET-R1.0
                  Naming scheme is: _HAMNET_
2010-11-27      - adapted regulatory.bin (HB9 settings) on band edges
2010-11-19      - Better handling of SNMP requests in hamnet package
2010-09-01      - Modify default setting and disable IPv6 on all interfaces
                - ALIX3d2 does work with the same image :-)
2010-08-29      - upgraded OWRT base to Backfire (10.03, r20742)
                  SVN revision: r20742
2010-08-19      - Long distance links with ACK enabled do work now. There
                  seems to be an offset (dependent on the channel bandwith/rate)
                  that must be compensated when fiddling with the T/O registers.
2010-08-02      - ability to disable L2 ACK mechanism (yes, this violates 
                  802.11 and only works if all stations are Atheros & have
                  this feature enabled! Uses an debugging feature of Atheros)
2010-08-01      - EIFS timing depends on slottime - needs to be set as well
2010-07-31      - have my own hostapd setup script (timing related things there
                  as well: TXOP, AIFS timing in WME/WMM)
2010-07-26      - fixed parameter setting for long distance links (ath5k)
                - use 'echo -n' for sysctl
2010-06-30      - added gpsd and kismet as options (addon modules)
2010-03-09      - ath5k: allow 5MHz channel raster for 5GHz (IARU Reg1 freq's)
2010-03-08      - added XA regdomain without PWR / DFS limitation in IARU Reg1
                  5GHz band (5650 - 5850); rest of 2.4/5GHz is HB9 limited.
                - /lib/iwfi/ set country before attempting
                  anyhing else. Required to get WLAN up on non-US domains
                - fix for Oops on read /proc/sys/dev/phy0/info if the device
                  phy0 was unititialized (WLAN down)
2010-02-21      - added socat & inetd to core image
2010-01-05      - add ntp.conf to list of files saved during sysupgrade
                - OpenWRT SVN revision: r18464